The Artist

"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of." - Leonardo

Kishore Kumar Bodha

Kishore bodha

Education: BA (Hons.) Fine Arts and MA Fine Arts Profession: Educator, private tutor at ArtSpace Mauritius and multi-disciplinary artist

Born in the small tropical island of Mauritius, I was raised to be adventurous. I spent my childhood playing with my friends at the foot of Le Pouce mountain. I was marvelled by the rhythmic movement of grass, leaves and branches caused by the whistling wind on the mountain slopes. During heavy rain, I enjoyed observing the flow of water forming several spectacular cascades on the mountain slopes. I believe nature was where I learnt to be quiet and to listen to my inner guidance.

I had developed a strong passion for drawing from my early childhood. I used charcoal (from the kitchen) as a material to draw on the iron sheets of the cattle shed. Funny enough, I enjoyed doing portraits of the goats and cows. At school, I drew picture compositions on the blackboard because most pupils hardly had any book. At fifteen, I was already a visual art private tutor and portraitist both for fun and to earn extra money.

Indeed, learning has never exhausted my eyes and mind. I have always been driven by my strong passion of fine arts and the works of great masters. My inquisitive nature has guided me towards a stunning discovery about the works of Leonardo da Vinci, the great master of the Renaissance. Henceforth, I got inspired to show beauty, strength and utility by applying Vitruvian Man in my artworks. I have enjoyed creating a new series of artworks entitled ‘Come back of Vitruvian Man half a millennium later’